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M.A. in English, English Literature

Departmental Assessment Report

Students will be able to:

1. read and interpret literary texts, taking into consideration their historical, social, and cultural contexts.
2. evaluate and use both print and electronic media in performing research.
3. utilize a variety of critical theories in writing about literature.
4. formulate an argument and make effective use of evidence in writing about literature.
5. Demonstrate skills necessary for doctoral study or other related career paths.

Assessment Plan:

Assessment Measure: Goals Addressed:

(list by number)

How is the information used?
1. Course grades overall 1-5 The Director of the MA in English takes the lead in reviewing student transcripts at the end of each semester.

The information is used to assess admission requirements, in particular to ensure that students who are admitted can succeed.

The Director uses the information to initiate discussion and elicit suggestions for change from faculty in the MA in English.

2. Course grades in ENGL 500 and ENGL 588 2 and 3 The Director of the MA in English reviews transcripts to note student success in these foundational courses.  This information is used (1) to assess admission requirements to ensure that students have adequate preparation in the areas of research and theoretical knowledge and (2) to make changes in admission requirements and/or the graduate curriculum, as needed.  The Director of the MA in English initiates proposals for changes to admission requirements and/or curriculum to address any problems perceived.
3. Thesis/Project 1-5 The Director of the MA in English works with students and faculty and keeps track of theses and projects completed each semester.  The information gathered informally in this record-keeping process is used to determine whether changes need to be made in preparing students to undertake the thesis or project and what obstacles they face.  The information is also used to make changes in procedures and in advising.
4. Completion rates 1-5 The Director of the MA in English keeps track of completions and works with students who are having difficulty in completing in a timely manner.  The Director uses this information to propose changes to program requirements (e.g., the coursework option, see below) and also initiates changes in procedures.
5. Outcome surveys of new graduates conducted by Director of the MA in English to assess satisfaction with the program and to identify program strengths and areas in need of improvement 1-10 When the Director of the MA in English has support from office staff, he or she will keep track of graduates, and English Department office staff will distribute and collect the assessment instrument and compile the data for use by the Director and other members of the graduate literature faculty.  This information will be used to make changes in the program.