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Faculty and Teaching Assistants

2013-2014 Directory

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Directory for Adjunct Faculty and Teaching Assistants
Adjunct Faculty & Teaching Assistants Office Phone Office Email
ALLAN, Lauren PAAW 102B
ANDERSON, Scott (TA) 426-7002 EA-102A
BAILEY, Reba 426-7095 EA-201A
BARNES, Elizabeth Lester 208-336-0366 EA-201C
BELAIR, Erin (TA) LA 102
BENNETT, Amanda 426-7049 G-110
BICKFORD, Denise (TA) EA 102A
BOWEN, Kathryn PAAW 102 G
BROWN, Monica (TA) EA 102A
BYRD, Phillip (TA) EA 102A
CARUSO, Chris (TA) 426-7009 GW-102
CLAYTON, Ian 426-7018 EA-202D
COOK, Elizabeth 426-7031 EA-101D
DALEY, Lacey (TA) 426-7006 LA-102
DUFTY, Cameron
EWING, Jessica (TA) 426-7007 EA-102A
FICEK, Mollie 426-7064 EA-201D
FRY, John 426-7092 EA-202D
FUCHS, Brian (TA) EA 102A
FULLER, Katie (TA) GW 102
GARLAND, Kathryn (TA) 426-7026 LA-102
GOLDNER, Beth (TA) 426-7043 LA-102
HAMILTON, Kathleen (TA) LA 102
HUDSON, Zeke (TA) 426-7029 LA-102
HUGHES, Collin 426-7048 EA-102D
HURLBERT, Jarrod 426-7059 EA-202
JENKINS-FLETCHER, Kenya 426-7024 EA-202D
KELLEY, Kevin GW-119A
KIEN, Adrian 426-7021 G-112
KOHARCHICK, Russell (TA) LA 102
KOVACH, Amber (TA) EA 102A
KUCHTA, Lana 426-7052 PAAW-102G
JONES, Jesse 426-7062 EA-101C
LEE, Adam (TA) LA 102
LEHMANN, Erin (TA) 426-7080 EA-102A
MEIER, Dennis
MICHAS, Chris (TA) LA 102
MUNSON, Margaret EA 101D margaretmunson416@boisestate
NAGEL, Matthew (TA) 426-7086 EA-102A
NAYLOR, Heidi 426-7015 G-102
NOGLE, Christi 426-7050 PAAW-102A
OTTEY, John 426-4248 G-119A
OYARZABAL, Andrea E-201A
PACKARD, Danielle 794-8231 EA 101D
PASSEY, Troy 426-7023 EA-201B
PENNINGTON, Lori 426-7068
PETERS, Stephanie (TA) 426-7008 EA-102A
REED, Benjamin (TA) 426-7010 LA-102
RICE, Stacie 426-7056 LA-145
ROEHR, Tina 426-7078 PAAW-102B
ROGHAAR, Laura 426-7098 EA-101A
ROSER, Janet 426-7037 EA-201D
SAMUELSON, Richard GW 119A
SCOTT, David 426-7054 EA-201C
SENGUPTA, Indrani (TA) 426-7047 GW-102
SIMNITT, Emily 426-7004 EA-101C
SINNES, Heather (TA) 426-3426 EA 102A
SIZEMORE, Jackie (TA) GW 102 jacquelinesizemore@boisestate
SMITH, Elizabeth (TA) 426-7063 LA-102
STEWART, Amanda (TA) EA 102A
STURMAN, Samantha 426-7103 EA-202A
TENNANT, Tiffany 426-7070 PAAW-101B
THOMAS, Janene EA 201B
THOM, Melissa (TA) 426-7058 GW-102
TIERNAN, Peter (TA) 426-7065 LA-102
TOLLEFSON, Weston (TA) EA 102A
VANCE, Christy Claymore EA 101
WANZENREID, Mike (TA) 426-7027 LA-102
WELLS, Steven 426-7109 PAAW-102A
WHITE, Shaun (TA) 426-7032 LA-102
WINN, Christian 426-7013 G-119
WOLFORD, Abigail 426-7111 G-110