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Adjunct Positions

The English Department hires adjunct faculty in a range of disciplines, and they constitute a vital and valued element in the department. A master’s degree is required to teach in the English Department.

To apply for a position:

  1. Download the file: Application for Adjunct Faculty Position.
  2. Fill out the application form, and save it under your last name.
  3. E-mail the following items to
    • Completed application form
    • Letter of application
    • Current curriculum vitae
  4. Click on the link below for each discipline you are applying for and follow any additional directions. Some disciplines may request further materials in hard copy to be delivered directly to the discipline director.

Please note that adjunct positions are part time only, contracts are for one semester at a time, and it is not possible to guarantee any course assignment if you are accepted into the pool of adjunct instructors. More specific qualifications and requirements for each discipline and information about current openings and the hiring process within that discipline are available below.

Creative Writing

At this time there are no adjunct positions available in Creative Writing.

English Teaching

Occasionally, adjunct instructors are hired to teach courses in English teaching methods for secondary school pre-service teachers. Adjunct faculty need to have at least a Master’s degree in English or Education, as well as substantial, successful secondary school English Language Arts teaching experience. Courses include: Engl 301 Teaching Composition; 481 Literature for Jr/Sr High; 381 English Teaching (planning and implementing instruction).

First-Year Writing

Eligible applicants must have a minimum of 1) a Master’s degree in Rhetoric and Composition (strongly preferred) or a closely related field (with graduate coursework in the theory/practice of teaching first-year writing), and 2) experience teaching first-year writing at the postsecondary level. Qualified candidates will exhibit a commitment to pedagogical innovation and professional development as they work in a community of teachers who view writing pedagogy as a shared intellectual endeavor. They will also be expected to incorporate new technologies into teaching & learning and to understand how differing literacies and diverse cultural backgrounds relate to writing and learning.

Begin the application process by submitting an application form, letter of application and curriculum vitae to Then please also submit a teaching portfolio to DeAnna Jones, via A teaching portfolio must include your curriculum vitae and a one-page teaching philosophy statement. If possible, please also include student evaluations, sample assignments, and your comments on a student essay.

We accept applications throughout the year, and interviews are held as needs arise. We try to hold interviews a semester in advance to ensure that we can create a pool of qualified candidates. This helps us plan ahead and minimizes last-minute hiring decisions.

Our need for new instructors depends on possible growth in enrollment and the departure of current faculty. Part-time faculty are hired on a semester contract and may teach up to three classes per semester. Instructors new to our program are usually scheduled for a maximum of two classes.

Adjunct faculty are the heart of the First-Year Writing Program, and we value their dedication and commitment to teaching writing. We have a vibrant community of writing teachers at Boise State with a strong sense of collegiality. We appreciate your interest in teaching first-year writing at Boise State University.

For more information, please visit our website at


At this time there are no positions available in Linguistics.

Literature and Humanities

Adjunct literature and humanities faculty teach a wide range of sophomore survey courses. A list of these survey courses with the expected outcomes for each course is available here.

Applicants for adjunct positions must hold a master’s degree in Literature, and preference will be given to those with experience teaching literature or humanities at the college level. If you are interested in being considered, please fill out the application form on the Adjunct Opportunities web page and send it with a statement of your qualifications and a resume to our Department Manager at Your materials will be forwarded to the Director of Literature and Humanities.

Our need for new instructors depends on possible growth in enrollment and the departure of current faculty. While we do everything we can to schedule courses ahead of time, sometimes we must fill new sections within the last few weeks before classes begin. Unfortunately, we must also sometimes cut courses that are under-enrolled. Part-time faculty are hired on a semester contract, and they may teach up to three classes per semester.

Technical Communication

Opportunities. The Program in Technical Communication regularly employs adjunct instructors for ENGL 202, the university-wide service course in technical communication. This course is taught in three ways: face-to-face, in hybrid mode (half the meetings face-to-face, half online), and online.

Qualifications. Adjunct instructors must have an MA in technical communication or a related discipline. Experience as a technical communicator is a plus, as is experience as a college teacher.

Hiring procedure. Positions are available occasionally. If you are interested in being considered, please fill out the application form and send a statement of your qualifications and a resume to the English Department. Your materials will be reviewed by the Director of Technical Communication.

Hiring timetable. Because ENGL 202 is taught every semester, including summer, applications are welcome at any time.

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