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Current MFA Students

Julie Strand

Julie Strand is a third-year poet presently interested in writing
about the concrete, aliens, sheep that eat their shepherds, and women
that wake up with birds as appendages.  She is the also the Education
Coordinator at The Cabin, a literary center about a block from BSU.
She is a co-founder of The Camas Poetry Initiative, which brings
interactive poetry workshops to urban and rural libraries throughout
Idaho; and, is co-editor of Goodmorning Menagerie, a chapbook press.
She is the author of the chapbook The Mae West Defense, (Dancing Girl
Press, 2009). Her poetry has appeared in Caffeine Destiny, FOURSQUARE,
Boo: A Journal of Terrific Things, Weave Magazine, Delirious Hem’s
2010 Advent Calendar, and others.


Beth Goldner

Beth Goldner is the author of the novel, The Number We End up With (Counterpoint Press, 2005), and the short story collection, Wake (Counterpoint Press, 2003). Her short stories have appeared in numerous publications, including The Missouri Review, The Massachusetts Review, Story Quarterly, The Blue Mesa Review, among others. She hails from Philadelphia, but spent the past two years living in San Diego, where she refused to learn to surf for fear of sharks.


Chris Caruso

Chris Caruso is currently learning how to raise a puppy.  His undergrad was at CU Boulder and he earned an MFA from Rutgers Newark.  He likes to write poems.  Some of these poems have recently appeared in Matter and Rio Grande Review along with a couple of anthologies.  As of this moment, he is attempting several projects—an erasure of Avicenna’s The Cannon of Medicine, a series of poems/prose based off Aleister Crowley’s Tarot deck, and some poems influenced by the everyday distractions of life.  Other hobbies include watching movies and video games.  As of late, he is on a quest for his personal Holy Grail: three other people to play Mahjong.


Torii Grabowski

Torii Grabowski is currently a third-year fiction writer and instructor at BSU. She completed her undergrad at Drake University in Des Moines, where she also worked as a nanny for several families who often show up (unintentionally) in her work. She most recently received the Glenn Balch Fiction Award for her story “River Baby”. She has also worked on the Hemingway Letters project under the guidance of Dr. Rena Sanderson, and as an intern for the Idaho Review.


Stepha Peters

Stepha is a second-year poet in the Boise State MFA program. She has an MA in poetry from Miami University of Ohio.




Kyle Crawford

Kyle Crawford was born and raised in a small town in rural Nebraska. He attended college in Lincoln, Nebraska at the University of Nebraska. While Kyle didn’t grow up in Lincoln, he certainly grew up there. A founder of SP CE, a writing studio in Lincoln, Kyle headed west to create poems within the confines of the open spaces of his childhood in a completely new context–Boise, Idaho.


Torin Jensen

Torin Jensen is a third-year poet currently embroiled in a labyrinth of dreams, mouths, indiscernible voices and mis-diagnosed desires. His blood runs Montanan but he grew up in the great city of Boise, a familiar place that continues to surprise. He is currently translating into English a manuscript by the Mexican poet Valerie Mejer. You can see him read poems here: and translations of Valerie Mejer’s work here:


Joel Wayne

Joel Wayne grew up in Eastern Oregon and went to school in Montana before moving to Idaho in 2009. Joel is excited to have his first short story, Deliquescence, published in apt early next year. In the meantime, he’s a copywriter at an ad firm and is working on more short stories, some non-fiction and, recently, a few, very brief screenplays for Idaho’s 48-hour film contest. Joel likes to write and edit, ride his bike, and do crafty things with his wife, Adie, and their cat, Walter.


Matthew Nagel

Matt Nagel is a second-year fiction student from Minnesota. His fantasy football team went 4-9 last year.




Jessica Roth

Arriving to Idaho from the desert Southwest and fond of austere landscapes, Jessica Roth finds comfort in Boise’s sagebrush hills.  Her poetry and prose have appeared in Alligator Juniper and CT Review, and her short story “Mesquite” was recently performed in London by the Liar’s League.  She is currently working on a novel about geography, family, and the mechanics of human faith.  She collects all manner of things, including manual typewriters and nights spent in the backcountry.


Peter Tiernan

swm seeks sf who’s into sexually repressed guys with no career prospects.


Lacey Daley

Lacey Daley is a first-year fiction writer and completely naive to life in the West. A native of Buffalo, New York, she has no sports titles to show for and a sorry attitude. Aside from fiction, Lacey writes for artscope, a New England arts and culture magazine. She claims nothing, writes some things, and drinks everything. Ask anyone: she does not have an accent.ld