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Current MFA Students

Denise BickfordwebsitebiopicDenise

Denise is a second year poet. She was born and raised in New England, and graduated from the University of Maine with a double BA in English and Anthropology. Ghosts, tarot cards, trinkets, oceans and lonely souls frequent Denise’s poetry, which has appeared in the Stolen Island.  Denise is in love with Clint Eastwood Movies and the wild west, and is making herself at home among the tumbleweed, wagon remnants and dusty hills.




photo-1Scott M. Anderson

Scott is a third year fictioneer from the desert void of the southwest. He holds an M.A. in Literature from New Mexico State University. He’s into bad Arnold Swarzenegger movies, philosophizing over too much wine, and loud records. Last year, he was runner up for the Glenn Balch Award. He also has an orange belt in karate.  Like every one else, he agrees that Lacey Daley has an accent.


Erin Belair1374235_2016986425707_1744252694_n (1)

Erin Rose is a second year MFA fiction writer who loves black cats, country music and a well made manhattan. She spends most of her time biking around Boise between jobs and hiding in her apartment with a cast of miscreant characters that exist purely in her mind and on the page. She received her BA from the University of Southern California Irvine where she studied with Ron Carlson, the only man she seeks to impress in this world. Erin is a journalist, blogger, lyricist, and most recently a humbled short story writer. She aspires to visit every continent, fall in love, publish a novel, attend the running of the bulls, learn how to make a well made manhattan, and graduate.


Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 10.44.06 AMJackie Sizemore

Jackie is a second year in the MFA Fiction program with ties to the East Coast, the Midwest, the South, and Tokyo. Before moving to Idaho, she completed a solo-drive across the country with only her dog for company. Identity, home, magic, social misfits, animals, and terrible temp jobs frequent her work. She received her BA in Creative Writing and Social & Cultural History from Carnegie Mellon University where she worked on the Carnegie Mellon Press. Her work has previously appeared in Paper Darts, and Print Oriented Bastards. Jackie is a short story writer, poet, essayist, blogger, and independent college admissions consultant. She loves exploring the mythology of the West and hiking the foothills with her dog.


Katie FullerDSCN4542

Katie is a second year poet. She holds an MA in English from the University of Maine, where she edited the journal Stolen Island and served as editorial assistant at Paideuma. Her poems have appeared in WSQ and the SP CE LOVEbook, among others. Since coming to Idaho, she has worked as a teaching-writer with The Cabin’s Writers In the Schools (WITS) program. She moves slowly towards bodies of water and light, her grandmother, 44 Joy Street, and any Rihanna song.


JoelJoel Wayne

Joel Wayne grew up in Eastern Oregon and went to school in Montana before moving to Idaho in 2009. Joel is excited to have his first short story, Deliquescence, published in apt early next year. In the meantime, he’s a copywriter at an ad firm and is working on more short stories, some non-fiction and, recently, a few, very brief screenplays for Idaho’s 48-hour film contest. Joel likes to write and edit, ride his bike, and do crafty things with his wife, Adie, and their cat, Walter.



Peter TiernanIMG_0264

Peter Tiernan hails from Vassalboro, Maine. His hobbies include floating down rivers, wishing he was floating down rivers, cleaning
his grandmother out at Monopoly, and, in those dark, dark moments when he’s completely given up on life, writing fiction.



ldLacey Daley

Lacey Daley is a third-year fiction writer still trying her best to acclimate to the good-natured people she is finding in the Northwest. A native of Buffalo, New York, she has no professional sports titles to show for and a sorry attitude. Lacey’s work has made the pages of FUSION, Prairie Margins, the top 25 in Glimmer Train’s August 2013 Short Story Award for New Writers, and recently received first place in the 2014 Glenn Balch Award. She is currently serving as the 2014-2015 Associate Editor of The Idaho Review. Aside from fiction, Lacey writes for artscope, a New England arts and culture magazine. She claims nothing, writes some things, and drinks everything. Ask anyone: she does not have an accent.

 Sean FredeIMG_0957-1

Sean Frede is a first-year fiction student from southern California, but not the beaches and palm trees that everyone assumes. He spent most of his life in the eastern foothills desert hiking along dead oak trees and Yucca. He holds a B.A in creative writing from U.C. Riverside and is doing his best to raise a puppy without killing it with his girlfriend.


1929804_12576903173_8774_nElizabeth Mackness

Elizabeth Mackness went to the University of Arkansas for her undergraduate degree in English and is currently undergoing the last year of her MFA. She has a love for ethnic literature, onomastic studies, postcolonial literature, and her smiling Samoyed. Some of her most recent work is upcoming in Not Dead Yet: An Anthology of Survivor Poetry.