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About Our Program

Technical communication is a strong and growing profession, and the development of new communication technologies such as XML and single sourcing suggests that the market for graduates who can think and communicate effectively about technical subjects will continue to grow. Boise State University offers an undergraduate emphasis, a master’s degree in technical communication, and two levels of certificates.

Our degree programs are designed to meet the needs of different people, ranging from students who wish to increase their skills in the field to those who wish to become professional communicators or pursue doctoral study.

Our certificates in Technical Communication are courses of study for those who are not contemplating becoming technical communicators but who anticipate that their careers will involve a substantial amount of writing and communication. Each certificate is a five-course program intended to help students acquire a deeper understanding of technical communication and to improve their skills in the field. Both certificates enable students to choose a unified, coherent group of courses in technical communication and related fields from other disciplines that will improve their understanding of the public role of written communication and their on-the-job skills.