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B.A. Certificate

The Certificate in Technical Communication at Boise State is intended primarily for those students who do not wish to become professional technical communicators, but who wish to improve their writing and editing skills. Some of these students are English majors, studying literature, creative or expository writing, or English education; however, many are from outside the Department of English and even outside the College of Arts and Sciences.

The Certificate consists of three required courses and two courses chosen from a list of electives.

The required courses

The electives

The electives consist of twelve courses from numerous fields: communication, organizational communication, management information systems, linguistics, management, sociology, and marketing. All are three-credit courses. Choose any two from the following courses:

When you have completed the requirements for a certificate, follow the instructions below.

Application and Admission

There are no application and admission requirements. You must fulfill the prerequisites of each course you choose. After completing the five courses with a grade of at least C in each, email the Director of Technical Communication the following information:

  • Grade reports or an unofficial transcript on which you have highlighted the five courses that you have completed, the semesters in which you completed each one, and the grade you received in each one
  • Your name, as you would like it spelled on the certificate itself
  • The mailing address to which you would like the certificate sent