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Completing the MATC

To earn the MA in Technical Communication (MATC) from Boise State University, you must complete one of three different culminating experiences:

When you are ready to work on your culminating experience, you must register for the appropriate course (ENGL 591, 592, or 593). Inform your adviser that you need to register for one of those courses; he or she will send you a permission number to register for it.

Note that you can register for ENGL 591 Project or ENGL 592 Portfolio for only one credit; you do not need to register for three credits for either of those courses. However, if you are enrolling in ENGL 593 Thesis, you must register for three credits.

Note, too, that the project and thesis also require the submission of a written prospectus and the completion of an oral defense of the final project or thesis. Early in your career at Boise State, you should discuss these different culminating experiences with your adviser. During your coursework, you might be able to do considerable preparatory work.

To graduate, you must also apply for graduation.