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New-student information

Following is a list of the major information sources you will need to consult in your progress toward the MATC degree.

The Graduate Catalog of Boise State University is the official statement of policies and procedures. It contains the calendar, which lists all deadlines for adding and dropping courses, applying for graduation, etc. It also contains the full list of university offices and departments, information about grading policies, and descriptions of all graduate programs offered at the university. These descriptions are useful because you might want to take elective courses outside the Department of English.

The main university address is 1910 University Drive, Boise, ID 83725. Unless otherwise noted, use this address for all university offices.

If you need a copy of the Graduate Catalog, contact the Graduate Admissions office. You may also view a copy from the Registrar’s Office web site.

List of sources

General Information
(208) 426-1011
Toll-free in Idaho (800) 632-6586
Toll-free nationwide (800) 824-7017

Graduate Admissions Office
Business Building 304
2000 University Drive
(208) 426-3903/4204

Graduate College Office
Business Building 117
2000 University Drive
(208) 426-3647

Administration 102-110
(208) 426-3486
English Department Office
Liberal Arts 228
(208) 426-1246
fax (208) 426-4373

English Department Mail Room
Liberal Arts 208

Mike Markel
Director of Technical Communication
Liberal Arts 234

Tech Comm Bulletin Board
Directly outside the English Department office
Liberal Arts 228