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MATC curriculum

Course Requirements

The course of study for the Master of Arts in Technical Communication consists of a minimum of 33 hours to be chosen by you and your advisory committee. Courses are taken from either Track One or Track Two.

Courses from outside the MATC program

You are encouraged to acquire or extend an area of expertise in an area of science, technology, engineering, or business. You will work with your adviser to select appropriate courses. In recent years, students have taken courses in multiculturalism from the Management Department, in media from the Instructional and Performance Technology program, and in statistics from the Education Department.

You may apply to the degree no more than 3 credits in subjects other than technical communication.

Special topics courses as electives

Often the MATC program offers special topics courses, which are seminars that are not (or not yet) among the regular offerings of the university. Recently, for instance, we offered a special topics course in the rhetoric of science. Special topics courses may be used as electives.

See a listing of recently offered ENGL 597 special topics courses in our list of elective courses.

Applying undergraduate courses to the MATC

In general, you may not apply to the MATC an undergraduate course, which at Boise State is a 400-level course or lower. However, you may apply Boise State courses that carry a G designation, such as GOMS 460G. Such courses, which enroll both undergraduates and graduate students, call for graduate students to complete graduate-level assignments.

Students are often admitted to the MATC program with provisional status, calling for them to complete successfully one or more undergraduate courses to remedy deficiencies in their backgrounds. Any undergraduate courses completed for this purpose may not be applied to the MATC requirements.

Waiving required courses

You may petition to waive up to two of the required courses if you have appropriate background and skills in those subjects. If you wish to be exempted from a course, you may submit to the Director of Technical Communication a proposal that explains your case and that includes any appropriate supporting materials. If your proposal is approved, you will substitute another course (or other courses).

You and your adviser will fill out a Request for Adjustment of Academic Requirements form, which you can get from the Registrar (room 102 in the Administration Building).