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English Department

Denis Johnson reading to an audience

MFA Reading Series, Denis Johnson

With more than 50 full-time faculty representing five fields, we are the largest academic department on campus. Our size and our diversity allows us to offer students a unique experience to learn about, get involved with, and explore career choices in their areas of interest. We are proud to foster a supportive learning and teaching community inclusive of both students and faculty.
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Hi, students. My name is Stacey Ennis. I want to talk to you little bit about what you can do with an English major. My English major has allowed me to do so many exciting things that I never would have been able to do without it. I moved overseas to a couple of different countries, dominican republic and Vietnam to teach English, and then I came back and got my graduate degree, also in English. My graduate degree is in writing and editing and from there I really set myself up to be able to do anything I wanted. The thing about our world today is that technology has enabled machines to do a lot of stuff, but the one thing machines can’t do is create really compelling content. And so, if you have the ability to be able to read something or listen and understand something in written content and translate that into something that’s really compelling whether it’s, you know, copy for marketing or into a book, that’s such an important skill that very few people have. And an English major is exactly what you need to equip you to be able to do that. So, right now I am self-employed. I started my business about 8 years ago and I’m really fortunate because I get to work with people all over the country and world and I get to help them write their books as a ghost writer. And then I also do consulting, so I work with teams and I work with individuals to help them clarify their message and really understand what they’re all about so that they can communicate well with the rest of the world. Basically, I get paid to do what I dreamed about when I was a little girl and it’s so exciting to me that I get to wake up every single day and come to my own office and I get to work with these amazing people. And I am just really grateful that I followed my intuition and that I got an English major versus, you know, switching to other majors, because I actually did switch. I started out as an English major. I think was communication and then I went to graphic design and then I came back to English. And I ended up getting a minor in visual art so I still could use some of my artistic skills in my education and also in my career. So, basically English majors are awesome and way underrated and don’t think that it doesn’t equip you to do something amazing, because for me it has really been foundational to being able to accomplish the life that I have now. And I have got all these exciting things in the future that I’m also really, really looking forward to and an English major has been a big part of that. So, thanks for listening and choose an english major!

Check out the above video by Boise State English alumni Stacy Ennis for information about why an English major has been such an important part of Stacy’s career.

News & Announcements

Joy Williams to be the Visiting Distinguished Writer for Spring 2017 at Boise State

Joy Williams to be the Visiting Distinguished Writer for Spring 2017 at Boise State

Joy Williams to be the Visiting Distinguished Writer for Spring 2017 at Boise State

M.F.A. Program Director Mitch Wieland writes: “Thrilled to announce the incredible Joy Williams will be our Visiting Distinguished Writer for the spring semester at Boise State. Joy will teach the MFA fiction workshop. I first read TAKING CARE while living in Tokyo in the eighties—an astonishing, life-changing letter from home. Our previous semester-long visiting writers were Denis Johnson and Anthony Doerr. I do believe we are on a roll.”

Yes, yes we are.

Click here to read a wonderful piece in The New York Times about Joy Williams.

Megan Gehrke

Megan Gehrke, MATC student, poses with the latest issue of STC’s Intercom magazine.

Megan Gehrke, M.A. in Technical Communication Student, Publishes Article in Intercom
Megan Gehrke’s column, entitled “The ‘Cover Up’ of Common Knowledge,” was published in the latest edition of STC’s Intercom magazine. The piece is a case study and reflective analysis of the ethics of citation practices and plagiarism in the technical communication workplace.

As Gehrke writes, plagiarism is “not a one-time mistake, but rather a consistent lack of regard for ethical documentation practices.” Unfortunately, as she has discovered, plagiarism in the workplace is not uncommon. As she points out, it goes well beyond “the ivory tower and academia,” and it’s a concern that has far-reaching consequences, “costing companies and technical communicators business, customer faith, and professional reputation.”

Gehrke wrote an earlier version of the case for Dr. Russell Willerton’s ENGL 514 Ethics in Technical Communication class in Spring 2016.

Dr. Kelly Myers wins the Golden Apple AwardDr. Kelly Myers, Recipient of Golden Apple for Teaching 
Dr. Kelly Myers (center) was awarded the Golden Apple Award for the College of Arts and Sciences. Sponsored by the Associated Students of Boise State University, the Golden Apple is a way for students to thank teachers who encouraged them and instilled a passion for learning.

Jacky O'ConnorDr. Jacky O’Connor, Recipient of COAS Award
Dr. Jacky O’Connor received the 2015 College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Faculty Award for overall excellence in research, teaching, and service.

Ahsahta PressAhsahta Press Tops Poetry Best-Seller List
Ahsahta Press, the nonprofit poetry press housed at Boise State, is once again dominating the best-seller list maintained by Small Press Distribution.

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