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Ralph Clare

Assistant Professor of English

Ralph Clare joined Boise State in 2011 and teaches twentieth-and twenty-first century American literature. His research explores the intersections of literature, culture, economics, and politics, especially in the post-1945 period. His first book, Fictions Inc.: The Corporation in Postmodern American Fiction, Film, and Popular Culture (Rutgers UP, 2014), explores representations of corporations in a wide-range of texts and reads the corporation as a site where American anxieties over capitalism and the loss of personal liberties erupt. Dr. Clare’s current research looks at the ways in which notions of sincerity, authenticity, and affect are constructed in contemporary literature and culture in the context of neoliberal ideology. His work, which includes articles on Richard Powers, William Gaddis, and David Foster Wallace, has appeared in such journals as Studies in the Novel and Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction, as well as in the essay collections David Foster Wallace and ‘The Long Thing’ (Bloomsbury Continuum, 2014) and Critical Insights on Kurt Vonnegut (Salem, 2013).