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Russell Willerton


Professor | LA-211B

Dr. Russell Willerton teaches courses in technical communication. He has served the department in many capacities, including undergraduate advising coordinator, internship coordinator, and hiring coordinator.

He was a fellow of the Boise State University Arts & Humanities Institute in 2013. His recent book is the first AHI-sponsored project to go from proposal to publication.

Dr. Willerton worked as a technical writer in the Dallas area for several years before returning to graduate school. He is a second-generation English professor. He is was born and raised in Abilene, Texas.



Technical editing, plain language,  document design, dialogic ethics

Recent Publications

  • Plain Language and Ethical Action: A Dialogic Approach to Technical Content in the Twenty-First Century. ATTW Series in Technical and Professional Communication. New York: Routledge, 2015.
  • “Teaching White Papers through Client Projects.” Business Communication Quarterly 76.1 (2013): 105–113. First published on August 14, 2012 doi:10.1177/1080569912454713.
  • “Conversations about Place: Dialogic Ethics and Land Ethics in Technical Communication.”** Proceedings of ProComm 2015, IEEE Professional Communication Society, July 12–15, 2015, Limerick, Ireland. New York, NY: IEEE, 2015, 217–224. With Derek G. Ross.
    • ** Winner of the James M. Lufkin award for best conference paper.
  • Finding Empathy for Users: A Plain Language Model.”*** User Experience Magazine (the magazine of the User Experience Professionals Association) 14.3 (September 2014).
    • *** Most-read article at for October 2014.
  • “Plain Language as an Ethical Tool: Reconsidering Ethics and Audiences.” Intercom (the magazine of the Society for Technical Communication) 60.6 (June 2013): 28–30.


  • ENGL 202 Technical Communication
  • ENGL 403 Editing for Clear Communication
  • ENGL 405 Writing for Nonprofits and Social Media
  • ENGL 499 Capstone in Technical Communication
  • ENGL 513 Technical Editing
  • ENGL 515 Visual Rhetoric and Information Design
  • ENGL 516 Topics in Print Document Production

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