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Shauna Anderson


Before teaching full-time, Shauna worked for more than 20 years as a technical communicator and marketing strategist/copy writer. While she has worked for a university lab and the Federal government, most of Shauna’s experience is in working for private high-tech companies.

Shauna has 11 years of experience teaching at the university level. She has taught technical communication (undergraduate), business communication (undergraduate), and managerial communication (graduate).

In 2013-2014, Shauna worked as e-Portfolio Program Manager for the Foundational Studies Program (FSP) at Boise State University. In this role, she collaborated with partners across campus to provide documentation, training, and support during the first year of Boise State University’s e-Portfolio introduction.

Shauna is passionate about mobile technology, particularly in regards to teaching and learning. She has been a mobile scholar twice and has served as a presenter in faculty workshops on mobile learning.

You can visit Shauna on LinkedIn or Google+.

The video below describes the unexpected things that Shauna did with her degree in English.

The video below is an introduction to English 202.