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About the English Department

With more than 50 full-time faculty representing five fields, we are the largest academic department on campus. Our size and our diversity allows us to offer students a unique experience to learn about, get involved with, and explore career choices in their areas of interest. We are proud to foster a supportive learning and teaching community inclusive of both students and faculty.

Our undergraduate class sizes are some of the smallest on campus, and we offer students a dedicated advising team. We invite students to get involved through student organizations, internships, study-abroad experiences, and service-learning projects.

The key to our success is our faculty. Our full-time faculty are nationally-recognized scholars in their fields, and our team of adjunct faculty often come to us with years of professional experience. Our award-winning programs in first-year writing and creative writing train and mentor our graduate assistants to keep up on the best teaching practices in the field.


The Boise State University Department of English plays an important role in the university’s strategic mission to become a metropolitan research university of distinction. We promote academic excellence by teaching students ways of engaging, inquiring, and learning through intensive study of language, and by involving them in creating, comprehending, and interpreting different kinds of text in various media. Our students thus build foundations for successful careers in the many fields that rely on effective and creative communication. We contribute directly to a vibrant culture, on campus and off, by encouraging aesthetic appreciation of languages and literatures, and by reinforcing the unique role of the humanities in promoting critical thinking through textual study that employs multiple perspectives. We contribute to public engagement by participating actively in local, regional, national, and global communities through publications, readings, consultations, performances, teacher-support and service-learning programs, and internships. And we produce exceptional scholarship and creative works, which help establish our faculty as intellectual and artistic leaders.

—Approved October 26, 2005