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Application and Admission Requirements

For admission to all graduate degree programs, Boise State University requires the following:

  • Application form and fee, submitted online with the Graduate College
  • All official transcripts of previous college work

Admission to this program also requires the following:

  • At least two years of successful teaching experience.
  • Two letters of recommendation from people who can describe your academic ability and your experience with and commitment to effective teaching.
  • A statement of 500-1000 words describing your professional goals and the ways in which the program can help you achieve them.

(Statement and letters of recommendation may be uploaded using the online application program.  If that does not work, contact the program director.)

If you have already been admitted to a different Masters degree program at Boise State and you wish to transfer to the Masters in Teaching English Language Arts, you do not need to repeat admission requirements and fees.  Instead, you need to initiate a “program change” by completing and submitting the Program Change Form, which can be found at:

Submit the form to the Graduate Admissions Office.

Q & A about Admission to the MA in TELA Program

Q: I have already taken some graduate courses.  May I use them in this degree program?
A: Yes, it is possible to bring into the program up to 10 credits of relevant previous graduate-level course work, subject to approval of the program director at the time of admission You may use prior credits with grades of B or higher if: 1) you have not used these credits to earn a different degree, 2) the credits come from an accredited college or university, 3) the course material has direct application to this program, 4) these are not continuing-education credits, and 5) the credits are relatively recent (last 5 years).  The maximum number of previous credits you may bring into this degree is 10.  When you apply for admission to the program, that is the time to request any credit for previous coursework that you think may apply.

Q: Is it possible to simultaneously pursue two or more Masters degrees?
A: No.  As the Graduate Academic Regulations in the Graduate Catalog states, “A student at Boise State University may be enrolled in only one graduate program at a time,” and courses used for one degree may not be used again for another degree.  However, “a student may be enrolled simultaneously in (1) a graduate degree program and a graduate certificate program or (2) two graduate certificate programs.”

If you have questions about the admissions process or about your application status, contact the Program Director.

Program Steps / Chronology in Brief

  1. Apply for Admission to Program
  2. Upon acceptance, familiarize yourself with program requirements and deadlines, and meet with Advisor. (Your first advisor is the program director).
  3. Start taking course work and building portfolio.
  4. When you have earned 12-15 credits, form and meet with your Supervisory Committee—usually three faculty members you select.  Share with them your plans for further course work and your portfolio. On the Graduate College web site, complete the form “Appointment of Supervisory Committee” and bring it to your committee meeting for the faculty to sign.
  5. Continue taking course work and building your portfolio.
  6. 2 semesters before you plan to finish, complete and submit “Admission to Candidacy” form .
  7. The semester before you plan to finish, apply to graduate (online).
  8. Finish all course work.
  9. Enroll in ENGL 592 Portfolio credit, and complete your portfolio.
  10. Make a public presentation of a selection of your work.  (Usually this is the “Project” from your portfolio).
  11. Present (“Defend”) your portfolio to your Supervisory Committee.  (Committees may ask for revisions in order to meet standards.)
  12. Supervisory Committee approves your completion and submit your portfolio grade.
  13. Graduation!  Also you complete a self-assessment, and email to your employer the link to a survey for them to fill out.

For Graduate College forms: