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Extra-curricular Activities

Extra-curricular Activities

When schools hire teachers, they often look for people who can supervise extra-curricular activities as well as teach classes.  Consider getting involved in activities that interest you.  Obvious choices include athletics, student government, drama, debate, or music performance, but there are also school clubs for such things as chess, skiing, or rodeo.  If you can coach a sport, your versatility may look more valuable in the job market.  Being a player in the sport is good, but if coaching appeals to you, consider earning the Coaching Endorsement offered by the Department of Kinesiology.  For information regarding the many opportunities for extra-curricular activities at Boise State, check the Student Activities desk in the Student Union.

English Majors Association/Sigma Tau Delta

The EMA is open to any English major and offers opportunities for students to develop valuable leadership skills and service experiences.  Sigma Tau Delta is the English majors’ honorary.  Membership is extended to students who have earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.33 for undergraduates of at least junior standing, and 3.5 for graduate students.  The two groups work together on projects and trips.

Working with adolescents

Obviously, work with adolescents will be useful experience for you and look good on your resume.  This work might include being a camp counselor, swimming instructor, coach, Big Brother-Big Sister, summer recreation counselor, church youth group supervisor or Sunday school teacher, drama clubs, and so on.

Publishing some of your writing

Publishing your writing suggests that you are practicing the skills you will teach.

Related Work Experience

Working in a setting where your writing, reading, communication, or interpersonal skills are used can be not only a good way to develop those skills further, but also a way to enhance your resume.