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How to Apply to Teacher Education (TE)

Application Materials

CheckmarkLetter of Application to the TE Program Admissions Committee

  • Include your professional experiences related to school teaching program.

  • Include your career goals. (Why do you want to be an English Language Arts teacher of young people in secondary schools?)

  • Include your reasons of interest — including your strengths, your perspectives, and the contributions you hope to make for colleagues in your courses and young people in your classes.

CheckmarkCurrent Resume

  • Strong resumes help the audience understand how your experiences, skills, and interests match the audience’s needs and hopes.

  • See Boise State’s Career Center for examples:

CheckmarkTwo Boise State Faculty Names

  • Provide the names of two Boise state faculty who agree to support your application.

  • If you are new to Boise State, please contact English Education faculty prior to submitting your application for help with this requirement.

CheckmarkTwo Professional References

  • Submit the names and email addresses of two professional references.

  • TE will contact your two references with the appropriate form for them to complete online.

Steps to Follow

1Submit Application Materials to Teacher Education via Taskstream

  • The Teacher Education Application Information page is the home for all application information and updates. You will submit your application on an online system called Taskstream. This system is one you will use throughout your Teacher Education experience. When you are preparing your application, you will receive a Taskstream code from Teacher Education so that you can set-up your account.

  • For Fall admission to TE, application deadline is the first Friday of February.

  • For Spring admission to TE, application deadline is third Friday in September.

Find more information here:

After you submit your application and it is reviewed by members of the Teacher Education unit, you will then participate in a couple of interviews with English Education faculty. The English Education interview process is different than other Teacher Education programs. Many other programs will ask applicants to prepare and deliver a brief and formal presentation to a panel of faculty. The English Education program, however, has a different two-step interview process.

2Participate in an English Education Small Group Interview

  • After all applications are reviewed for program requirements (this takes 1-2 weeks), you will meet with English Education faculty, Teacher Education faculty, and a small group of peers for a group interview.

  • You meet with all the other applicants for 60-90 minutes. During this time, English Education faculty will preview our program and provide all the applicants some time to meet and work with each other. Since your Block experiences rely heavily on working with each other, we have this group interview time to offer people a chance to work together as we will during the classes – solving problems, sharing different perspectives and experiences, challenging assumptions, asking questions, and generally just thinking together.

  • Unlike other TE programs, you do not need to prepare a presentation. Instead, our small group interview is meant to give you a chance to engage with colleagues — in dialogue and in problem-solving — as you will during your coursework.

3Participate in a Personal Interview with English Education Faculty

  • Within a week of small group interviews, you will meet individually with English Education faculty for 30 minutes.

  • This is a chance for you to get to know the faculty better and for the faculty to know you better. In this part of the process, we preview the semesters ahead and how they may support you and your goals.

Click here to see this information in an infographic.