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Current Educational Agent Representatives

Currently, the Intensive English Program works with agents in Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the United States and Vietnam. We make a dedicated effort to develop partnerships that will be mutually beneficial and have the students’ best interest as first consideration. We know our students and agents by name. We work with our agents to see that the students they represent are accommodated as necessary and given individual attention to assure a positive educational and personal experience. We welcome applications from agents who want to work in a partnership with a personalized approach.


Kevin Sung
Youhak Link — Myongji University Branch, Seoul, South Korea

Our partnership with Kevin Sung began in 2012. We have been able to visit his office, nicely located next to Myongji University in the northwest part of Seoul. A student that Kevin referred has just been admitted to the Language Bridge Program, which means that in the Fall, she will be studying part-time in the IEP and taking two courses at Boise State University.

Youhak Link has 2 branches in South Korea: Gwanghwamun and Seodaemun in Soeul, which is convenient for students who are interested in studying English at US universities.

Information in Korean can be found on their website:

“Boise State Intensive English Program is attentive and our students are happy in Boise.”



Boise State Intensive English Program is attentive and our students are happy in Boise.