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Direct Admission Pathway to BSU

The Direct Admission Pathway (DAP) provides a way for qualifying Intensive English Program students to be admitted to Boise State University without the required English language proficiency test score.  Boise State University will waive the TOEFL/IELTS test requirements and the student will be admitted unconditionally if the student’s academic record is satisfactory.

Admission Requirements Checklist for DAP:

  • Enrolled in the IEP program 8 weeks before entering DAP;
  • In good academic standing in current courses;
  • In IEP levels 4 or 5 in at least 2 of the core classes
  • Oral interview; (signed interview form attached).
  • Meet the WEBCAPE test requirements;
  • Two-page admission essay outlining personal academic goals of study.

DAP Specialized Elective Course:

Qualifying students take, in addition to their other IEP courses, a sixteen-week elective course, the University Skills and DAP portfolio workshop, which meets 2 contact hours per week.  Through this course, the student works one-on-one with an instructor to create a final portfolio which is evaluated by a committee.  The portfolio includes Writing Skills, Communication Skills, and University Skills portions.