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IEP MIssion and Goals

The mission of the Intensive English Program at Boise State University is to provide international students with the opportunity to improve their English language skills for personal, professional and/or academic success.  Emphasis is placed on rigorous English language skill development, university preparation, and intercultural understanding and communication.  We provide academic support and orientation for students who wish to pursue undergraduate or graduate studies at Boise State University, enabling students to integrate more successfully into the American campus experience.

Program Goals

The primary goals of the program are to ensure that students will increase proficiency in English, and achieve high levels of academic success in core subjects. To meet these goals and the program’s mission, the Intensive English Program resolves to:

  • Sustain excellence in instruction by hiring highly-qualified and dedicated instructors and staff;
  • Sustain excellence in instruction by supporting & providing continued professional development opportunities;
  • Provide international student services to aid in the orientation, adjustment, and academic success of the IEP-enrolled students;
  • Familiarize international students with American culture;
  • Create a classroom and working environment that fosters active learning, open communication and the appreciation of culturally pluralistic perspectives;
  • Enhance cultural diversity on Boise State University’s campus;
  • Institute a challenging and relevant curriculum to engage students in active learning;
  • Regularly review the curriculum and program policies.