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IEP Student Services

IEP Student Services provides full support to help you become a successful student and a confident member of the academic community.

  • IEP Student Services offers expertise regarding immigration and cross-cultural issues for the IEP.
  • IEP Student Services welcomes IEP students and offers assistance in dealing with challenges.
  • IEP Student Services works to connect IEP students with instructors, staff and university personnel.

Some of the services provided in our office include: educational planning, strategies to address academic and personal challenges, programs offered to encourage student success skills, academic policies, preparation for university transfer, referrals for  students to helpful university or community resources. and information regarding immigration regulations and guidelines.

Our goal is to provide the support and assistance necessary for IEP students to achieve their educational goals and to maintain immigration compliance.

“The IEP has great elective programs. The teachers are friendly and helpful. They help students with everything, not just English and studying. Life in the IEP prepares you for life in a university.” – Ibrahim

New Student Intake

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