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IEP Courses

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The Intensive English Program at Boise State University is a full-time, academic program that prepares students for university degree programs, professional careers, and personal enrichment. Intensive English Program students attend classes for 20 hours a week,  Monday-Friday. Classes are offered in two eight-week sessions during the fall/spring and one eight-week session in the summer.

Students will learn

  • Academic English Language Skills: reading, writing, grammar, listening, and speaking
  • Communication in American Culture: language skill practice in cultural situations
  • Electives:  American Conversation Partners, Math Readiness, TOEFL/IELTS Preparation, Academic Tutoring, Pronunciation, Idioms

Students may request a class schedule from several options. Preview a sample schedule here.

Students are tested and placed into appropriate proficiency levels at the beginning of their study. They may advance levels by earning passing grades and approval from their instructor.

“The IEP is the best program. Before I came here I couldn’t speak English. Since attending the IEP, I can talk about anything I want and describe what’s on my mind.” – Tung Le