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International Faculty Tutoring

The International Faculty Tutoring Program (IFT) is a service for multi-lingual  faculty to assist in developing  and refining grant proposals, conference presentations, proposal summaries, and publications. Tutoring is also available for increasing the effectiveness of  lectures and  pronunciation and other forms of communication.

Masters level tutors can help faculty:

  • Write proposals that are more competitive.
  • Write research manuscripts in a way that will increase the chance of publication.
  • Create stronger oral and visual presentations for conferences.
  • Create more effective lab manuals, lectures, and other student and university communication.
  • Create presentations that will be more effective.
  • Improve pronunciation in class lectures and lab situations.



The office of the Provost funds the coordination of IFT. Colleges and Departments of the faculty members provide shared funding for each participant. Allowable tutoring hours (monthly or weekly) for faculty members are determined by relevant College and Department. Tutors are paid $18 per hour; this cost is paid by the Department.

The IFT Coordinator will:

  • Arrange an qualified tutor for each faculty member for tutoring sessions, according to faculty needs;
  • Introduce tutor to faculty member and outline program guidelines and expectations;
  • Coordinate HR paperwork and tutor payment process with department staff;
  • Approve time reporting for tutors;
  • Collect and submit tutor reports and progress/results to  department chairs upon request;
  • Collect and distribute publications, grant funding, promotions, tenure appointments, etc as a measure of effective methods.

For more information, please contact Stephanie Marlow, IEP Director at or 208/426-2227.