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Idaho Resident students can study full or part-time. Resident students are those who are not on a student or other type of visa. After students complete the testing and placement process can choose a full-time schedule or select the part-time courses that work with their schedules and goals.

The Intensive English Program helps Resident students enhance their English skills to pursue higher education or better job opportunities. We also work with the State of Idaho Department of Labor to provide English training programs for members of the community.

As part of the state of Idaho university system, the Intensive English Program offers a Resident tuition program.

Resident student program fees for each 8-week session full-time: $1,275.

Part-time study options are also available:
Reading and Writing: $675 per 8-weeks
Communication: $475 per 8-weeks
Grammar: $275 per 8-weeks

For questions regarding Idaho Resident student status or programs, please contact us at

“The IEP gave me the chance to pull out my English from my frightened heart.” – Rudy