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Spring 2013 MFA Readings

Spring 2013 MFA Readings

Here’s the spring lineup for MFA readings—I don’t have all the locations yet, and Lisa Robertson’s reading is still to be scheduled, but at least you can get these on your calendar! (All readings are poetry readings unless otherwise mentioned.)

February 10th- Karena Youtz and Adrian Kien
Book Release Doubleheader
6:00–8:00pm, The Crux

February 22nd- Tom Raworth
7:30pm, SUB Farnsworth Room

March 4th- Lisa Robertson
7:30pm, SUB Lookout Room

March 15th- Timothy Donnelly
7:30pm, SUB Farnsworth Room

March 21st- Matt Bondurant (fiction)
7:30pm, Visual Arts Gallery (Hemingway Building)

April 5th- Alice Notley
7:30pm, SUB Lookout Room

April 6th- Kate Greenstreet
7:30pm, The Crux

April 11th- Wiley Cash (fiction)
7:30pm, SUB Farnsworth Room

April 12- Kit Robinson
7:30pm, Barnwell Room

April 19th- Sasha Steenson
7:30pm, Farnsworth Room

April 26th- Maggie Nelson
7:30pm Visual Arts Gallery (Hemingway Building)

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