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Knightmares – Fall 2012

The Medieval Drama Guild partners with the English Majors Association in presenting Knightmares, four tales of King Arthur’s court newly translated for a Boise audience and enhanced by authentic medieval music. Mark your calendars for 2:00 Sunday December 16, or 7:30 Monday December 17, in the Special Events Center on the campus of Boise State University. Tickets are $6 for General Admission and $4 for Students and Seniors. For free parking in the Lincoln Garage, use code 20127508.

What haunts heroes at night? Not dragons and giants, but bewildering enchantresses, war-monger dogs, and garbage-flinging children. Unexpected challenges are the true test of worthiness. Sir Gawain and his son Sir Handsome Stranger explore what it means to pursue human excellence in this series of medieval feast adventures.

  • As a child, Sir Handsome Stranger sets out with a minstrel and a messenger damsel on a quest to help the Lady of Synadoun. But their adventures twist and writhe, shaping a new vision of chivalry. The quest ends in a wedding, and when Sir Gawain reveals that he is Handsome’s father, he offers to share some of his own encounters with the perils of knighthood.
  • In The Quest of the Perilous Graveyard, Gawain is torn between feast etiquette and damsel duty, and, encumbered by a swelling cluster of damsels, he seeks out a dreaded demon.
  • Back at King Arthur’s feast, when Sir Kay laughs at Sir Palomides for following after the Barking Beast, a minstrel reminds the company of The Knight Who Sang Scornful Songs and was cast in chains by Count Simon.
  • Finally, in The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnell, Sir Gawain remembers his own marriage, the time he was the only one who could save King Arthur from death, but he could only do so by marrying a hideous crone.

A fresh perspective on our own pursuits of excellence, Knightmares illuminates our own bewilderment when we lock blades with ambiguity, when unexpected consequences follow seemingly straightforward choices. These medieval tales move us through festive spinning to unexpected perspectives, concluding with a seasonal celebration of fresh starts and a new year.

Gallop into the adventure. Dare to dream the dream.