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Spring 2017 Course Preview

This year, officers of the Boise State Linguistics Association interviewed our faculty about the courses they'll be offering in Spring 2017. Watch the videos below to learn more about each of the courses. For further questions about courses, contact the course instructor by clicking on their name in the table below.

Class NumberClass TitleClass TimesContact(s)
LING 305Introduction to Language StudiesSeveral SectionsC. VanderStouwe
LING 310*First and Second Language AcquisitionM/W 12:00-1:15pmC. Keck
LING 312Introduction to Phonetics & PhonologyT/Th 3:00-4:15pmM. Temkin Martinez
LING 397-001Perspectives on Native North
American Languages
M/W 1:30-2:45pmT. Thornes
LING 397-002*English as a Global LanguageM/W 4:30-5:45pmG. Shuck
LING 427*Pedagogical GrammarM/W 9:00-10:15amC. Keck
LING 498Capstone in LinguisticsT/Th 12:00-1:15pmT. Thornes &
M. Temkin Martinez

*   Denotes a course with Service Learning requirements

Course Videos:

LING 310: First and Second Language Acquisition
Dr. Casey Keck

LING 312: Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology
Dr. Michal Temkin Martinez

LING 397-001: Perspectives on Native North American Languages
Dr. Tim Thornes

LING 397-002: English as a Global Language
Dr. Gail Shuck

LING 427: Pedagogical Grammar
Dr. Casey Keck

LING 498: Linguistics Capstone
Dr. Tim Thornes and Dr. Michal Temkin Martinez