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About Our Program

Literature at Boise State University

  • Literature faculty mapping new terrain
    Literature Faculty Mapping New Terrain

    Literature faculty mapping new terrain

  • English Presentation, Simplot Ballroom
    English Presentation, Simplot Ballroom

    English Presentation, Simplot Ballroom, 2016, Eric Torres Photos


  • Hell's Bells, Medieval Drama Guild, SPEC, mh
    Hell’s Bells

  • English Presentation
    English Presentation

  • DSC

  • Knightmares

  • Melville

  • UMSL Matinee
    UMSL Matinee

  • Winter Banquet 2014
    Winter Banquet

“. . . the most important stuff I’ve learned I think I’ve learned from novels.”
Barack Obama

A University of Toronto study shows that people who read fiction develop higher levels of empathy, and many listings for highly paid jobs list empathy as a necessary qualification.

Boise State’s literature courses provide you with lasting personal satisfaction and skills that are vital for a variety of professions.

You will learn to

  • think critically
  • communicate effectively
  • organize meaningfully
  • respond with empathy
  • handle ambiguity
  • understand works of the imagination
  • delight in other perspectives
  • read with awareness of historical and cultural context
  • recognize multiple ways of reading
  • appreciate the beauty and power of language

You will encounter dynamic faculty with a wide range of expertise. Boise State’s literature faculty care deeply about students and are committed to working closely with you in the classroom. Together with other students, you will explore exciting ideas and inspiring works of imaginative writing.

For more information, contact Dr. Mac Test, Director of Literature and Humanities, at