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Forms and Documents

M.A. in English Program Forms and Documents

Graduate Course Catalogs and Academic Calendars

Graduate College Forms and Guidelines

To find the following forms from the Boise State Graduate College, please follow this link Boise State Graduate College Forms:

Forms Initiated by Students

Request for Adjustment of Academic Requirements
Application for Admission to Candidacy (for graduate degree programs)
Proposed Plan of Study for a Graduate Certificate
Program Change Request
Application for Directed Research
Graduate Admission Application
International Student Graduate Application
Application for Graduate Assistantship
Application for Graduation (login to BroncoWeb under your student account)
Application for Graduate Independent Study
Application for Practicum/Internship
Program Development
Permit for Seniors to take Graduate Courses

Forms Initiated by Faculty

Report of Culminating Activity
Report of Doctoral Comprehensive Examination
Report of Failure of a Final Oral Examination
Request for Extension of Time
Request for Appointment of External Examiner for Doctoral Dissertation
Graduate Faculty Nominations and Guidelines
Appointment of Supervisory Committee

Forms for Theses and Dissertations

Access Agreement for a Thesis or Dissertation
Defense Committee Approval (dissertation)
Final Reading Approval (dissertation)
Approval Page for Electronic Copy (dissertation)
Defense Committee Approval (thesis)
Final Reading Approval (thesis)
Approval Page for Electronic Copy (thesis)
FERPA Release
Instructions – Creating a Single File from Multiple Adobe or Word Files

Forms for ScholarWorks

Scholarworks Authorization for a Selected Graduate Project


Most of our forms are interactive and can be completed from your computer and printed ready to submit for signatures. These forms work with Adobe Acrobat Reader which is free and can be downloaded below. Most of the forms a graduate student will need while at Boise State can be found at this one stop.

Instructions on How to Fill Out Graduate College Forms

How do I complete the forms?

Forms are in MS Word and Adobe PDF format. Many of the PDF format documents are interactive. You can complete the interactive forms on the computer then print or email for signatures. The Acrobat Reader software is free and you need to have at least version 7.0 installed in order to have the SnapShot Tool which will allow you to save an electronic copy that can be emailed. You can download the latest version with installation instructions from the Adobe Reader link at the bottom of this page. The cursor, which defaults to a hand icon for scrolling through the document, will automatically change to a text insertion tool when it is over an interactive section. Check boxes allow you to make selections between multiple options and drop down boxes will present lists of choices. If you need to start over, hit the Clear Form button and it will erase all fields. When you have finished, print a hard copy to submit, save an electronic copy for your records and close the form. It automatically clears when it shuts down.

NOTE: As soon as you close a form, all the entered information is cleared, so be sure to completely finish, print and save before closing.

How do I save my work?

The SnapShot Tool is available in Acrobat Reader 7.0 and you can use it to save an electronic copy of your completed form. The free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader will not let you save a PDF document directly but it is possible to take a snapshot of the completed form and paste it into a word processing program. This will give you an electronic copy that can be saved and emailed as an attachment. After completing the form and printing a hard copy, go to the toolbar at the top of Acrobat, click on the Snapshot Icon (the small camera), select the entire document and copy. Do this by holding down the left mouse button and dragging a selection box completely around the page. When you release the mouse button you will see the page flash and a text box will open indicating that the page has been copied onto the Clipboard. Then open a blank page in your word processing program and paste the PDF page.

For multi-page forms, you will need to copy and paste each page separately, so start with your word processor program open to a blank page and copy and paste each PDF page one at a time to build up the complete document. For example, if you are working with Word or WordPerfect, first open a blank page and save it with a name such as Application1. Then with both programs open, copy each PDF page of your form and paste it into a blank page of Application1 until all pages are copied. You can then attach this to an email and send a copy to your advisor or program coordinator for signatures. NOTE: As soon as you close a form, all the entered information is cleared, so be sure to completely finish, print and save before closing.

Who receives the forms?

Each form has a distribution list at the bottom showing who needs to receive a copy. The last panel at the bottom of each form contains the signature lines which are not interactive as the printed form will need to be submitted to an advisor, program coordinator, or dean for review and approval. The Programs page on our website is a good source of contact information for our graduate programs or you can contact Graduate Admissions with questions via email or phone at 208-426-3903.

When are the forms due?

Deadlines are listed in the Academic Calendar which spans several semesters and lists deadlines for every stage of the graduate process.