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Michal Temkin Martínez

Associate Professor of Linguistics
Director, Mary Ellen Ryder Linguistics Lab
English Department
Boise State University

FALL 2015-SPRING 2016

Martinez teaching

Credit: John Kelly, Boise State University

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Languages of Boise,
please click here.

Recent Activities:

  • I presented about inquiry-based learning and
    co-taught a mini-course at the 90th Annual
    Meeting of the LSA in Washington, DC.
  • I co-presented about exceptions in Modern
    Hebrew spirantization at the Annual Meeting
    on Phonology in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  • I presented a colloquium talk about how
    experimental approaches can assist in language
    documentation at Florida International University
    in March.

Upcoming Activities:

  • I will be teaching a 3-week online course on Linguistics
    in Education during Boise State Summer Session.
  • I will be co-presenting a poster at the meeting of the
    Acoustical Society of America with former student
    Haley Boone about the apparent nasal effacement
    in voiceless prenasalized stops in Somali Chizigula
    on May 27th.
  • I will be co-teaching a course on integrating theory,
    experimental, and documentary linguistics and
    co-presenting a plenary MODELS talk at CoLang 2016
    this summer.