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Paying for School

Academic Technologies, Mobile Learning Initiative, iPad, Photo by Wankun SirichotiyakulOur department is proud to support students in a variety of ways, including through scholarships, job and internship placement, and graduate assistantships.

  • Internships and Jobs
    • Internships are arranged with organizations off-campus, and sometimes on campus, which have writing-related projects that offer the opportunity to experience how writing occurs outside the classroom. Some are unpaid to help you build experience, while others are paid jobs to help you pay for college.
  • Graduate Assistantships
    • Our graduate programs offer graduate assistantships in teaching and tutoring, which come with stipends plus waivers of in-state or out-of-state tuition and fees. Application deadlines are January 15.
  • Writing Center Jobs
    • The Writing Center recruits undergraduate and graduate consultants with diverse backgrounds, identities, and points of view. They come from a variety of disciplines and are carefully chosen through a multi-step interview process. Ideal consultants also love to talk about writing and are friendly and compassionate individuals. These are paid positions, advertised through Boise State. Applications are due in March.
  • Student Jobs at Boise State
    • Boise State also has a database of jobs available for current students. Some of these directly relate to the English Department, and many require skills in writing, editing, and communication.

Information About Financial Aid, Tuition, and Fees

For information about funding opportunities separate from the Department of English, see Boise State Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Visit the Boise State Financial Services website to learn more about university tuition and fees.