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Graduate Assistantships

Mobile Learning Initiative, Education, iPads, students, classroom, for Amber Hoye, Academic Technologies, Carrie Quinney photoThe Department of English offers two forms of Graduate Assistantships: teaching assistantships and Writing Center assistantships.

Both assistantships are competitive and the number of new assistantships available each fall varies. Assistantships carry stipends of at least $10,451 per year plus a waiver of in-state or out-of-state tuition and fees. They are renewable for a second year given satisfactory performance in both teaching and graduate coursework.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Graduate Teaching Assistants teach three courses a year, starting with one course in their first semester. They receive intensive training in teaching freshman composition, including mentoring in pedagogy and composition and rhetorical theory. They also work with a faculty mentor as well as peers in the teaching assistantship program.

Teaching Assistants in the M.A. in Technical Communication program have the opportunity to teach an introductory technical communication course in their second year.

Writing Center Assistantships

Graduate Writing Center Consultants hold several consultation hours in the Center each week, mentor new consultants, design and produce resource materials for students and professors, and help the Director of the Writing Center coordinate writing workshops and Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) activities. Previous experience working in a writing center is highly encouraged.

Students interested in a Writing Center assistantship must apply for a teaching assistantship (see application instructions below) and include an additional page in their application that discusses their experience with and interest in Writing Center work (see directions below).

How to Apply for Assistantships (Deadline: January 15)

To apply for an assistantship, follow the instructions for applying for the M.A. program of your choice (Literature, Rhetoric and Composition, or Technical Communication). In addition to preparing those application materials, complete the following:

  • Compose a one-page, single-spaced statement indicating why you would like this assistantship, what special qualifications you bring to it, and how the experience will affect your later professional plans.
    • If you are interested in the Writing Center Assistantship, include a second one-page, single-spaced statement that discusses any previous writing center experience you have had and tells why you would like to be considered for this position.
  • Complete the Teaching Assistantship for English Composition Application form. Your responses to the questions and the student essay in this application offer us more information about your background. We believe that as writers and students you have had enough experience to assess how a piece of writing can be improved.
  • Submit the above materials, as well as all application materials for the M.A. program of your choice, through the Graduate College Admissions Application system.

Note that to be considered for an assistantship, all application materials (for both the M.A. program and the assistantship) must be received by January 15.