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Programs of Study

The English Department offers undergraduate B.A. degrees to learn the skills that employers seek, prepare yourself for graduate work in English, or simply satisfy your personal interests.

We also offer graduate M.A. programs in literature, rhetoric and composition, teaching English language arts, and in technical communication.

Undergraduate and graduate certificates in technical communication are also available.

Undergraduate Degrees

Students may choose from the following five emphases to earn a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English:

  • The English Teaching emphasis fulfills Idaho certification requirements and prepares students to teach in school districts around the country. Our program supports and inquires with educators and young people as they create, lead, and change their communities through the English language arts.
  • The Linguistics emphasis provides the opportunity for closer study of how language works and its connections with related fields such as anthropology, sociology, and psychology; the linguistics emphasis also leads to graduate study and careers in linguistics and teaching English as a second language.
  • In the Literature emphasis, students encounter a wide range of imaginative writing, gaining critical analysis and communication skills, perspectives from outside our culture, and ability to deal with ambiguity and complexity.
  • In the Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication emphasis, students learn rhetorical and practical skills that fit today’s workplace. Our graduates develop essential skills in writing, analysis, and technology that help audiences connect, inform, and achieve. Our emphasis offers students a chance to become excellent communicators through a path of customized coursework in areas such as: writing, rhetoric, technical communication, editing, and advocacy, community, and leadership.

Graduate Degrees

The department offers Master of Arts (M.A.) programs in Literature, Rhetoric and Composition, Teaching English Language Arts, and Technical Communication, providing students opportunities to further personal enrichment and to improve career skills.