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About Me

Dr. Reshmi Mukherjee

Office: Liberal Arts Building 226
Phone No: 2084261145


Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ( 2012).
Certificate in Gender Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Chamapaign (2012).
M.Phil. in Women’s Studies, Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India.
M.A. in Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India.
B.A. with Honors in Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India.

Areas of Interest: I am particularly interested in studying the representations of race, gender, sexuality, and subalternity in sub-Saharan, Arab Anglophone, South Asian literature; transnational approaches to studying and teaching diasporic, exilic, testimonio, and refugee narratives; postcolonial theory, transnational feminism, and culture studies.


Engl 530/GS 580 (Graduate Seminar): Subalternity, Space, and Agency in Literatures of the Global South (graduate).

Engl 424/ GS 480: Prison Narratives (Special Topics).

Engl 398/GS 380 (Honors Symposium): Gender, Biopower, and War .

ISLE397/597/GS 380: “Other Voices, Alternative Imaginations:” The Ethics of Refugee non-refugee Communication in the 21st century.

Engl 396/GS 380: Postcolonial Literature: Refugee, Exilic, and Diasporic Experience.

Engl 395: When Women Write Back.

Engl 268: Introduction to Modern British Literature  (1900-the present).

Engl 216: Literature Without BordersCultural Exchange in Transnational Literature.

Engl 210: The Literary Journey of Thousand and One Nights (Introduction to Literature).      


“Living in Subalternity: The Becoming of the Subaltern in Bessie Head’s A Woman Alone, A Gesture of Belonging, and When Rain Clouds Gather.” (Journal of the African Literature Association, Vol 7. No. 2, Spring 2014).

“The New Bhadramahila and the Reformed Bhadralok: Reconfiguration of Gender relations in Rabindranath Tagore’s Streer Patra (The Wife’s Letter) and Ghare Baire (The Home and the World).” (Accepted for publication; University of Toronto Quarterly).

Article Under Review

“Other Voices, Alternative Imaginations” for a chapter in the book Art as a Way of Talking.


“Abecedarium Anthology”: The Cambridge Introduction to Edward W. Said- A Review by Reshmi Mukherjee. (Boundary 2; February 2015)

Publication in Conference Proceedings

“The Crisis in Teaching Subalternity.” Conference proceedings of the International Conference on Literature, Language, & Communication, Amity University, Lucknow campus, December 2013 (January 2015).

Articles under preparation:

“Diaspora and Female Body-Space relationship in Lela Aboulela’s The Translator and Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Lowland.”

“The Politics of Writing Women Without Men: Surrealism and Feminist Agency.”

“The subaltern and I: A Method of Unlearning”

Select Conference Presentations:

“Cyber Rhetoric and Indian Women’s Empowerment” South Asian Literary Association Annual Conference (SALA), Austin, January 3-5, 2016 (upcoming).

“The ‘other’ Naxal” American Comparative Literature Association Conference (ACLA), Cambridge, Cambridge, Massachusetts, March 17th-20th, 2016 (upcoming).

“I, Rigoberta Menchu: Testimony as History, Reading Subalternity “after subaltern studies.” American Comparative Literature Association Conference, Seattle, WA, 26th- 29th March 2015.

“Politicization of Rape in India,” Gender and Sexuality in Everyday Life Conference, ISU, Pocatello, ID, 5th -7th March 2015.

“Diaspora and Female Body-Space relationship in the Globalized World,” RMMLA, Boise, Idaho, 8th -10th October 2014.

“The Crisis in Teaching Subalternity,” International Conference on Literature, Language and Communication, Amity University, Lucknow, India, December 9-10, 2013.

“The Female Body as a Terrifying Super-Object,” National Women’s Studies Association Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio, November 2013.

“In Search of Agency: Translating the Voice of the other,” Translation Studies Conference, Conference, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, October 2011.

“The Nation and its Women: Rereading the Body-Space Relationship in Assia Djebar’s Women of Algiers in Their Apartment (Femme d’Alger dans leur appartement)”, Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, University of Kentucky, Lexington, April 2009.