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Major in English, Writing Emphasis: Rhetoric, Composition, and Communication Track


Students in “Field Writing” (ENGL 324) visit Yellowstone NP

The Rhetoric, Composition, and Communication track of the English Department’s Writing Emphasis offers students a chance to become excellent communicators through coursework in writing (including choices among poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and academic writing classes), rhetoric (including argument and persuasion), and speech communication (including public speaking and rhetorical analysis).  Graduates will be trained to be “writing specialists” who are prepared to write in a variety of situations and in a range of genres.  Students can look forward to employment opportunities in teaching, developing web content, public relations, editorial work, grant writing, and a range of other jobs that demand strong communication and rhetorical skills.  Some of our majors go on to study rhetoric and composition in graduate school.

Majors enjoy working with one of the largest rhetoric and composition faculties in the Northwest, many of whom are leaders in their field.  See who we are here.

For more information of the Rhetoric, Composition, and Communication track of the Writing Emphasis, contact Dr. Whitney Douglas (

Foundational Studies

  • ENGL 101 Introduction to College Writing and   3
  • ENGL 102 Introduction to College Writing and Research   3
  • UF 100 Intellectual Foundations   3
  • UF 200 Civic and Ethical Foundations   3
  • Communication in the Discipline (CID)   3
  • Finishing Foundations   3

Mathematics (DLM)   3-4

Natural, Physical, and Applied Sciences (DLN) course with a lab 4

  • Natural, Physical, and Applied Sciences (DLN) course with a lab 4
  • Natural, Physical, and Applied Sciences (DLN) course 3-4

Visual and Performing Arts (DLV)   3

Literature and Humanities (DLL)   3-4

Social Sciences (DLS)   6

  • Social Sciences (DLS) course in first field
  • Social Sciences (DLS) course in second field

Required RCC Track Courses 

  • ENGL 198 Introduction to English Studies   1
  • ENGL 201 Nonfiction Writing 3
  • ENGL 202 Technical Communication 3
  • ENGL 204 Writing Creative Nonfiction 3
  • ENGL 205 Poetry Writing OR ENGL 206 Poetry Writing 3
  • ENGL 275 Methods of Literary Studies 3
  • LING 305 Introduction to Language Studies 3
  • ENGL 324 Topics in Rhetoric and Composition or COMM 321 Rhetorical Theories 3
  • ENGL 401 Advanced Nonfiction Writing 3
  • COMM 231 Public Speaking 3
  • COMM 331 Message Analysis and Criticism 3
  • COMM 484 Studies in Rhetoric and Public Persuasion OR COMM 412 Persuasion 3

Upper division English, Linguistics, or Communication courses   9

Upper division writing courses   6

May include technical writing, feature writing, critical writing, playwriting, and other writing courses offered either in the Department or outside the Department of English if writing is clearly the central subject of the course. Please see advising page of the English Department website for a list of currently approved courses.

Upper division electives to total 40 credits

Electives to total 120 credits 20-24

Total credits 120