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Required Courses

Note: You may use the graduation requirements in effect at any time you were attending Boise State.

In addition to the Core requirements or Foundational Studies Program requirements, students must take the following courses, as indicated below.

You can download a checksheet that lists all the required courses, including the Foundational Studies Program requirements.

The following English courses: (28 credits)

The following Information Technology and Supply Chain Management courses: (9 credits)

Communication courses chosen from: (6 credits)

Accounting, General Business, Management, Information Technology Management, and Sociology courses chosen from: (6 credits)

Notes: Technical Communication Emphasis students are advised not to take ENGL 202 Introduction to Technical Communication to fulfill a DLS requirement. The information covered in ENGL 202 is covered in greater detail in two required courses: ENGL 302 and 312.

**Students may take the COBE Computer Placement Exam to place out of ITM 104 Operating Systems and Word Processing Topics, ITM 105 Spreadsheet Topics, and ITM 106 Database Topics or take any of these courses for credit. Students who place out of any of these three courses still must meet the 120-credit graduation requirement.

***COMM 101 can be counted as fulfilling one of the DLS field requirements.

All courses used toward the English degree must be passed with a grade of C- or higher.