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Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication is intended for students enrolled in any graduate degree program and for local professionals. A graduate student in geophysics, for instance, might wish to earn the certificate because he knows that he will be making presentations at professional conferences and writing journal articles. An accountant might wish to improve her technical communication skills to enhance her work performance.

The certificate enables students to choose a unified, coherent group of courses in technical communication and related fields from other disciplines that will improve their understanding of the public role of written communication and their on-the-job skills.

The Graduate Certificate consists of three required courses and two electives. (Please see the list of tech-comm graduate courses for next semester and future semesters.)

The required courses

The elective courses (any two)

Students who wish to substitute an alternative course for one of the two listed electives may petition the Director of Technical Communication.

Admission Requirements

The minimum requirement for admission to the Graduate Certificate program is a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university and admission to the Graduate College. In addition, you must submit a 500-word statement explaining how the Graduate Certificate relates to your broader educational goals, as well as a current resume.

Application Procedures

If you wish to apply to Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication program, please visit How to Apply. There you will follow the path for applying for the Spring 2014 semester or for any post-Spring 2014 semester. (If you select the Spring 2014 semester, email the 500-word statement and the resume to the Director of Technical Communication. If you select a post-Spring 2014 semester, you will be instructed on how to upload these documents.)

Once your file is complete, it will be reviewed by the Director of Technical Communication, who will provide an admission recommendation to the Dean of the Graduate College. The Dean will make the final admission decision and notify the applicant.

Students are required to fill out a Proposed Plan of Study for a Graduate Certificate as soon as possible after being admitted to the Graduate Certificate program. This form must be approved by the Graduate College before the student can receive the Graduate Certificate.

To obtain the Graduate Certificate, complete the Application for Graduation form, which you access through BroncoWeb, and take it to your committee chair.