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A project is the culmination of some technical communication activity, usually related to a job activity. A typical subject for a project is the revision of a manual or set of manuals. If your job involves your revising a substantial manual, you would submit the original manual, your revision, and an essay—similar to a term paper—describing and analyzing the process you used to carry out the revision. A project gives you an opportunity to demonstrate the skills you have acquired on the job and in class, by applying them to a real-world task.

Projects are most appropriate for students who are engaged in large technical communication tasks at work. If you choose to do a project, you first write a prospectus, which is reviewed by a committee consisting of three faculty members. After your project is completed, you will defend it before your committee. A project carries three credits.

If you are working on a project, you enroll in ENGL 591. If you are working on a project but taking no other courses that semester, you must enroll in ENGL 591 to remain an active student and retain library borrowing privileges. ENGL 591 is offered in varying credits; you may take it for 1, 2, or 3 credits. You may take ENGL 591 as often as you like, but you may apply only 3 credits of ENGL 591 toward your graduation.

See your graduate adviser for more information.