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Graduate Program Forms and Policies

This page provides links and additional information regarding various forms and policies for graduate students in technical communication.

Progress Toward Degree

After you’re admitted to the program, you should meet with your advisor and plan your degree path. Using your catalog’s MATC (or Graduate Certificate) degree requirements and our course rotations, list the courses you plan to take each semester until you fulfill the requirements. Share this list with your advisor and use it as a starting point to discuss elective options, your culminating activity (ENGL 592 Portfolio), internship options, and any outside the department courses or transfer credit. This starts you on your progress toward the degree by thoughtfully enrolling in required and elective courses based on our course rotation and your academic/career goals.

Additional University Policies

In addition, you should be aware of the following university policies:

Restriction on awarding credits

The Graduate College will count toward a graduate degree no more than 9 credits earned before a student has been officially admitted to a graduate program. This policy does not mean that you must be admitted to the MATC program in order to take technical communication graduate courses. You are invited to take as many courses as you wish without seeking a degree.

Time limits for completing the degree

You have a total of seven calendar years within which to complete all requirements for your graduate degree. All course work (including any transfer credits), internships, thesis or project defense, and other activity required for your degree must be completed within the seven years leading up to and including the date you receive a graduate degree. Note that you must take credit-bearing courses during the Fall semesters and Spring semesters to remain an active student. If you do not take a credit-bearing course in one of those semesters, you will have to apply for readmission to the Graduate College when you wish to resume your studies.

Acceptable academic performance

Boise State expects all graduate students to strive toward—and attain—academic excellence. If your academic performance is unsatisfactory, you may be withdrawn from the degree program by the Dean of the Graduate College, acting on the recommendation of your department. To be eligible to receive a degree from the Graduate College, you must have a grade-point average (GPA) of 3.00 (B) or better in all graduate work specific to your program of study. You must receive a grade of A or B in a 300G- or 400G-level course in order to count those credits toward your graduate degree. You cannot count grades below C to meet any requirement of a graduate degree program.

If you earn a cumulative GPA of less than 3.00 for two consecutive semesters, you will be withdrawn from the graduate program and academically disqualified for any further graduate level work.

Admission to candidacy

You should apply for candidacy as soon as possible after completing 18 credits of graduate work in an approved program of study. Your grade-point average for those 18 credits must be at least 3.00 on a 4.00-point scale. In addition, you must have no listed credit deficiencies. To apply for candidacy, use the Application for Admission to Candidacy form to specify the courses and projects in your program of study. This form, upon approval, becomes a binding agreement among you, the university, and your department. In short, applying for candidacy identifies the work you have done so far and defines the work you will do from that point forward. Once approved, the application for candidacy becomes your formal plan for further study. Boise State discourages students from making any changes to this plan after the application for candidacy has been approved. Such changes require approval from the Dean of the Graduate College, acting on a written recommendation from your supervisory committee or advisor.

The deadline for submission of the Application for Admission to Candidacy form is the end of April for August or December graduation and approximately the first of December for May graduation. Exact dates are listed in the Academic Calendar.

You can download the Application for Admission to Candidacy form from the Graduate College forms page.