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Meet Our Graduates

Our graduates have gone on into many fields relating to technical communication, including technical writing, grant and proposal writing, e-learning and instructional design, corporate communications, technical editing, user experience, web and social media content strategy, and information development. We also have graduates who have gone on to apply for law school, and many of our undergraduates continue on or come back for graduate school in technical communication. Some of our M.A. alumni have gone on to teach at the university level, either full-time or as an additional choice to complement their industry careers. See below to learn more about some of our alumni from the Technical Communication program at Boise State.

Rachael Renk

B.A. English, Technical Communication Emphasis (2014)
M.A. Technical Communication (2017)

Current Position: Training Coordinator and Proposal Writer at FAST Enterprises

Rachael Renk, B.A. in Technical Communication (2014) and M.a. in Technical Communication (2017)

Rachael Renk, B.A. in Technical Communication (2014) and M.A. in Technical Communication (2017)

I found my passion for human-centered design, expertly tailored content, and Plain Language as a student in the Technical Communication programs at Boise State. I spent 3+ years working as a technical writer, supplemented with freelance projects in areas such as resume development and technical editing, while I finished my BA and then MA in Technical Communication. I really hit my stride in the more focused graduate school setting. The MATC program allowed me the freedom to choose areas of study and projects that spoke directly to my interests and career goals. Some highlights from my graduate career include a focus on social media, usability testing, and User Experience research and design. Completing this program gave me a new level of confidence in the skills I already had, as well as a confidence in my ability to learn new technologies, take on different tasks, and be successful in whatever I might do. After I graduated, I harnessed that confidence and made the leap into a new career. In the summer of 2017, I left technical writing and started my new adventure as a Proposal Writer for FAST Enterprises. Equipped with my training from the program, I’m able to take on new challenges everyday and really flex my technical communication muscles. I’m very excited about what the future holds for me, and I contribute that optimism in no small part to the MATC program at Boise State.

Claire Cadman

M.A. Technical Communication (2016)

Current Position: Associate Technical Writer at Puppet

Claire Cadman, M.A. in Technical Communication (2016)

Claire Cadman, M.A. in Technical Communication (2016)

Originally from the UK, the Boise State MATC really stood out to me, as I knew I was interested in writing and technology, but I couldn’t find a course that suited me at home. The MATC introduced me to the world of technical communications, from technical writing and editing, to user experiences. The program gives you a lot of flexibility to build your skills in the areas that interest you. The strong oral communication skills, through the many class discussions and presentations, was one of the most useful parts of the program for my current work. It gave me the confidence to talk about very technical topics, which I now do on a daily basis. Another great aspect of the program is that they encourage you to undergo an internship in the field. With the help of my professor at the time, I was able to get in touch with and secure an internship at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, where I was able to put many of the skills I had learnt from the MATC into practice. All the professors that taught me at Boise State were wonderful and very committed to each student achieving their individual goals. Since graduating, I have been working as a technical writer for the software company Puppet, based in Portland.

Each tech writer at Puppet is on several development teams, we plan and write content as part of team sprints, working closely with engineers, QA, and UX. We will also write blog posts, UI copy, and provide general content support for all parts of the company. The MATC prepared me well and led me on a career path that I thoroughly enjoy.

Ryan Martin

M.A. Technical Communication (2009)

Current Positions: Technical Writer at Micron Technology; Managing Writer and Editor at Walking Window

Ryan Martin

Ryan Martin, M.A. Technical Communication, 2009

My education at Boise State enables me to continue to learn, unlearn, and relearn outside of the university. The research and communications skills I learned at Boise State have enabled me to work and contribute in not only the technical communication field, but also the design and information system fields. My work is both satisfying and rewarding. The professors in the Technical Communication program at Boise State are experts in technical communication and teaching. The program exposes students to the body of technical communication knowledge, and gives real world experience working on service learning projects with organizations in the community. Students will learn a lot, gain valuable experience, and will have real work to show employers.

Natalie (Orgill) Button

B.A. Technical Communication (2006)

Current Position: Social Customer Care Global Events Manager and Proactive Content Manager/Strategist at Hewlett-Packard

Natalie Orgill Button

Natalie (Orgill) Button, B.A. Technical Communication, 2006

Technical communication reinforces the cornerstones of successful communication – whether technical in nature or not. My experience has been that the program taught me how to handle all sorts of communication: day-to-day email, high level executive email communication, in person presentations, virtual presentations, and so on. Not to mention the principles of design and how applicable it is in every-day communication. You would not believe how many professional presentations are delivered with clip art for visuals. CLIP ART. (I can hear my professors gasping at this.) Just having an understanding that good design makes your content much more relevant, digestible, and easier to retain has helped me significantly!

Take a peek inside the careers of some of our graduates, and see what a technical communication degree from Boise State can do for you!