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Undergraduate Technical Communication Program Becomes WRTC

Effective Fall 2018

Based on several years of program assessment, we have determined that our current undergraduate tech comm emphasis does not meet the needs of our students. In its place, we have revised the B.A. in English, Writing emphasis (now called Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication or WRTC) to combine the best elements of writing, rhetoric, and technical communication into a relevant, community-focused undergraduate emphasis that provides students with a strong foundation in rhetorical theory and practice creating a variety of academic and workplace genres. Click here to learn more about the new WRTC emphasis.

What does this mean to undergraduate students currently enrolled in our undergraduate tech comm certificate or tech comm emphasis?

You have two options, (1) continue using your catalog year (2017-2018 and earlier) or (2) opt into the new WRTC curriculum by using catalog year 2018-2019.

Option 1: Stay in your current curriculum and catalog

Continue taking courses required toward the tech comm emphasis or certificate as listed in your catalog. We will offer the same courses (a few with revised titles, but they will still count toward your degree) on the same course rotation schedule as listed on our site. Starting in Fall 2018, in place of ENGL 499 Senior Seminar in Technical Communication, you will need to enroll in ENGL 492 Capstone in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication. You will graduate as you expected with a BA in English, technical communication emphasis (or the undergraduate tech comm certificate, if you are pursuing the certificate). 

Option 2: Opt into the new Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication emphasis (or new version of tech comm certificate)

For those undergraduate students wishing to prepare themselves for careers in technical communication, they may still take many of the same tech comm courses that were offered under the old emphasis as well as take a broader selection of writing courses. The new emphasis gives you more flexibility in taking writing, rhetoric, and tech comm courses to meet your academic, life, and career goals.  You will leave Boise State with strong credentials to get hired for your first tech comm job.

Starting in Fall 2018, in you may opt into the new WRTC emphasis by selecting the 2018-2019 catalog year and changing your major to WRTC. You will need to wait until the start of Fall 2018 before this option is available to you.

NOTE: When you change catalog years, you must meet all new requirements for a degree and not just the new English requirements. If you are considering this option, I strongly recommend you discuss this change with our undergraduate advising team or your major advisor to make sure you will continue to graduate at the time your expect.

What does this mean for our graduate programs in tech comm (MATC and graduate certificate) and you?

Not much. Our graduate programs will continue as is, with the same courses being offered, same course rotations, and same instructors. Our graduate programs feature strong enrollment and our graduates are getting jobs in the profession. For those students who graduate with the BA in English, WRTC emphasis and wish to continue their training in technical communication, our graduate tech comm programs are excellent options.

What if you have questions or concerns?

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to talk with your program advisor or contact Dr. Roger Munger, Director of Technical Communication at

You may also click here for answers to common questions about WRTC.