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Undergraduate Program

We offer five emphases for the B.A. in English. For more information about each of these emphases, see our Contact page for contact information.

Application and Admission Requirements

Please visit the Admissions Office website for application and admission information.

Course Descriptions

Descriptions of English courses currently available may be found in the most recent university catalog.

English Teaching

The Teaching emphasis fulfills Idaho certification requirements and prepares students to teach in school districts around the country. A Minor Teaching Endorsement in English is also available.


The linguistics emphasis provides the opportunity for closer study of how language works and its connections with related fields such as anthropology, sociology, and psychology; the linguistics emphasis also leads to graduate study and careers in linguistics and teaching English as a second language.


In the Literature Emphasis, students encounter a wide range of imaginative writing, gaining critical analysis and communication skills, perspectives from outside our culture, and ability to deal with ambiguity and complexity.

Technical Communication

In the technical communication emphasis, students learn practical skills in writing, analysis, and technology to create, design, manage, and deliver print and online documents that help users to understand and complete tasks quickly and easily.

Writing: Creative Writing

The creative writing track with study in poetry, fiction, non-fiction prose, and courses in literature, gives students an opportunity to write, design, edit and publish their own work.

Writing: Rhetoric and Composition

The rhetoric and composition/communication emphasis offers students a chance to become writing specialists through coursework in writing, rhetoric, persuasion, and speech. Click here for a list of approved upper division courses.

Minor in Writing

Please see the most recent university catalog for a description of the minor.