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First-Year Writing Students to Present at Undergraduate Research Conference

A group of English 101 students will present an interactive mapping project entitled “Boise State Students Encounter Writing” at the 10th Annual Boise State University Undergraduate Research & Scholarship Conference. The event will run 1:00-4:00 PM in the Student Union Building.

During the Fall 2012 semester, the students of English 101.017 created a collaborative Google My Map that digitally (re)presents their research findings on the writing that occurs in Boise State undergraduate courses, in discourse communities on and off campus, and at various locations in the Boise area. Students conducted interviews, took photographs, recorded audio and visual files, and otherwise used various media and methods to repurpose the research they had completed in a previous unit. Working independently or within small groups, students then used digital tools (like SlideRocket and Tumblr) to compose multimedia texts and to experiment and invent with online resources; these (re)presentations were finally added to placemarks on the map.

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