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Policies and Forms

If you need information a particular aspect of the First-Year Writing Program and you don’t find it here, please contact DeAnna Jones by at fywp[at]boisestate[dot]edu or (208) 426-4209.

Program Policies

Adding a Course after Open Enrollment
Explains FYWP policy against adding courses after open enrollment (coming soon)

Details university policies and FYWP expectations for attendance

Requesting Permission Numbers
Provides more information on permission numbers for first-year writing courses (coming soon)

University Policies

Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Program and University Forms

For requesting an adjustment of academic requirements

For requesting an exception to an academic policy

For registering complaints not covered by other university grievance procedures after completing the FYWP process (use FYWP Student Grievance Form)

For appealing a final course grade after completing the FYWP process (use FYWP Student Grievance Form)

For requesting approval to drop a course after the deadline

For receiving credit for ENGL 101 and/or ENGL 102 based on ACT, SAT, or AP test scores.

For appealing grades and reporting concerns about your instructor or cases of discrimination/harassment.

For requesting that a course taken at another institution is treated as equivalent to a Boise State course