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Adding a Course After Open Enrollment

University Open Enrollment

Boise State allows students to add and drop eligible courses at will until the semester’s fifth day of instruction. After the fifth day, which usually falls on a Friday, students must receive permission to enroll in a course. There are variety of reasons a student may not receive permission to add a course during the second week. Some examples from the Registrar’s Office are highlighted below.

Instructors may refuse to grant a permission number if the class is full (see the Academic Calendar for the exact deadline). They may also refuse permission if your late entry would prevent you from benefiting fully from the class or would prevent other students in the class from doing so.Office of the Registrar

First-Year Writing Program Policy on Adding a Course after Open Enrollment

While a class section may be marked as “Open” in the Student Center, First-Year Writing Program policy prohibits students from adding a course after the first week of the semester. The success of all students in a first-year writing course depends on frequent collaboration in a lively classroom community. Developing this environment begins in the first class meeting.

The only exception to this policy is for waitlisted students who attend the course, participate in all activities, and submit all first-week assignments. This exception is wholly at the instructor’s discretion, requires available capacity in the section, and occurs only in the rarest of circumstances.