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Faculty-Initiated Withdrawals

FYWP Approach to Faculty-Initated Withdrawals

According to the Boise State’s Office of the Registrar, instructors may withdraw students from a course if they do not a) attend the class’s first meeting(s) or b) meet the course prerequisites. However, first-year writing instructors do not initiate withdrawals for nonattendance. Since first-year writing courses are usually taken during a student’s first year, issues can arise that lead to missing a course’s first meeting (e.g., misreading a course schedule, confusion about a classroom location). As a result, the FYWP has decided not to use the faculty-initiated withdrawal process.

There are times when students may be automatically withdrawn from a course for not meeting its prerequisites. There are two primary reasons for these withdrawals.

  • Student attempts but does not successfully complete prerequisite course in the semester immediately prior to current enrollment, such as enrolling in ENGL 102 but then failing ENGL 101.
  • Student is permitted to enroll in a course based on unofficial documentation (e.g., a printout unofficial AP Language and Composition examination results) but then official documentation is not received.

In the case of automatic withdrawal based on entrance requirements, students are responsible for enrolling in the correct course or ensuring proper documentation is received by the Office of the Registrar.