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Requesting Permission Numbers

Problems Enrolling in First-Year Writing

Since first-year writing courses are usually taken during a student’s first year, there are a variety of reasons for problems enrolling in first-year writing, such the following:

  • Student does not meet course prerequisites (e.g., course placement via The Write Class assessment)
  • Open enrollment has closed
  • The class section is at capacity
  • Student is not yet eligible to enroll in courses
  • The class section has additional requirements
  • Student has previously completed the course

Not all enrollment problems are eligible for a permission number, however.

Requesting Permission Numbers

The First-Year Writing Program generally issues permission numbers only in the final two cases above.

If a class section has additional requirements in order for students to enroll, there will be additional information in the course notes section in the Student Center. Students should follow those instructions or contact

For enrolling in a course that they have taken previously, students should complete the Exceed Maximum Undergraduate Course Registration form. Students must receive the academic advisor’s signature before bringing to the First-Year Writing Program, Liberal Arts Building 256.